Scio Work Order System

To access the work order system, first, start a new internet explorer window. The page address should be "http://wwws/". On the page toolbar will appear "Network Admin", and under this will be "Work Orders". Clicking on this will take you to the work order system.

You can also access the work order system from the staff page. This is available from outside the district as well as in the district. Just use your normal login to get to the staff site.

Any staff member can submit a work order and the status is then displayed on the status page. Only staff can enter work orders and/or see their status. Each building has someone assigned that approves work orders.

If you approve a work order, it is either to be done in your building by whomever you send it to, or, if it requires district resources or approval, the District Superintendent must approve it.

Administrators with approval rights/responsibility:
District Office - Jack Singer
Centennial Elementary (including Playshed)- Luke Zedwick
Middle School - Sean Aker
High School - Bryan Starr
Stadium - Bryan Starr
Bus Barn - Jack Singer
District Network - Gary Metts
Kitchen - Jack Singer
Grounds - Jack Singer
Other - Jack Singer

Gary M