The Scio Middle School Daily Announcements

Be safe, responsible and respectful!

Fun Facts:A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out

General Announcement:

Words of the day are Tangible-perceptible by touch.Vacate-leave a place that one previously occupied


Reminder to wash your hands throughout the day.


If you are interested in participate in the Rocket raffle bring your WACS to the office and put your WACS in the raffle box.


Reminder to check lost and found.All items will be donated if they are not claimed


This Saturday there will be a cheer clinic from 9-1 at the Scio High School.Middle schoolers will get to focus on stunting and tumbling. Hope to see you there


The next school dance will be on Thursday, February 8th after school. Cost is $2 per person or $3 per pair.Time 3:30-5:00pm. You will need a dance agreement to attend the dance, if you donít know if you have a dance agreement please stop by the office to check.


If you are interested in participating in spring sports, track, softball and baseball sign-ups are at the office.




Kuykendall 8:00-9:30, 9:40-10:20, 1:17-2:47, McClatchey 10:30-1:30, Steele 1:17-2:47



McClatchey SMI 8:00-9:30, Muhr 9:40-10:22, Thomas 10:25-11:07, Rideout 12:30-1:30, McClatchey SMI 1:30-2:45

Lunch Helpers: Brooklyn D, Ginger B

Pledge of Allegiance:Kolton E

Cookie Helper: Maddy M, Mashayla N

Announcements:Mashayla N

Flag Duty: Lindsay H, Monique L

Recycle Helpers:Shelby B, Ryllie M, Tyra LHH


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